Track Self and Others!


Own a Family account or Individual account. You can stay connected and aware 24/7 of the movements of your family members by adding them in your same account. Individual can see his complete activity and records for a day and can play route on Map.

   See What Our Users Are Saying!
  • Some of simple things like sending a picture of vehicle I am traveling to my family member for safety purpose, or sending them a voice note with some quick information about my whereabouts etc. is very handy. ---- Achin

  • I use it to make sure I receive email notification when my daughter makes it from home to the bus stop and to work and back to home. ---- Alex
  • I have got the panic settings pre-configured and bought the Panic Button on phone home screen in a handy position to be able to Press "Panic". ---- Rachel
  • Created a trip and geo-tagged photos & comments for a place visited on a trip, as memories. ---- Patricia
  • Using to create and share trips with freinds, this help them to take the same route to reach the place. ---- Edna
  • My kid didn't answered the call, I looked into the application and found he is in the play ground, had a peace of mind. ---- Vivian
  • My father who lives alone and is not as fit and healthy as he used to be - Panic big button created when app was installed to get direct access to Panic. I get the call, SMS and email when he presses it to take immediate action. --- Manik

  • Visual Redesign – Much more intuitive and easy to use.
  • View Day Activity - Constantly track your and family movements. Play locations on map.
  • Create Trips – Whether you are on road trip, or on a walkout or visiting a nearby place or friends house. Play trips on map.
  • Create Trip Records - You want to jot down something to remember about a place you visited. Geo-tag Pictures, Hand Notes, Text Notes, Voice Notes for that trip
  • Share Trips & Trip Records – Trips remain save and that makes it easy for you to share with account members or members outside your account, even after you're back. Friends and family can see your traveling routes, waypoints for visited destinations – including location, photos, voice notes and comments.
  • Security Panic Alarm – In trouble press the red panic button! Its simple ... just press the Red Panic Button and the app will send an SMS and E-MAIL with a link to Google Maps with your GPS coordinates and will make call on emergency number.
  • Geofence Security – Receive alerts when your loved ones arrive at home, school or work. Set up a schedule Check to automatically get location information sent to you via email.


For Family/Friend/Private Group Use

  • See the GPS location points and movement of family members or friends when they are out on road, on a trip or on any trekking adventure.
  • Have friends and family track you as you explore the great outdoors.
  • On a group travelling, know where others are by keeping track of a single person or an entire group.
  • Create your trips on the go; created trips can be used to find your way home.
  • Create safe and danger zones that are unique to your family.
  • Automatic notifications let you know when your kids enter or leave a zone.
  • If ever get lost or in any distress situation send panic signal, by just a touch of a single button.

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